Introduction to refractive laser surgery: Theory and Wet lab

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Modern refractive laser surgery has become an essential element in the armamentarium of the anterior segment surgeon. Besides its purely cosmetic use, therapeutic aspects of refractive laser surgery include a vast range of indications, from correcting a refractive surprise after cataract surgery via the reduction of astigmatism post-keratoplasty to the correction of irregular astigmatism of various origins (scars, postoperative, ecstasies, etc).

Understanding aberrations and corneal biomechanics is vital to mastering various surgical techniques.

Educational Objectives

The course will give insight into the practical aspects of PTK, transPRK, Femto-LASIK, and lenticular extraction techniques. It will give the participants hands-on training with various excimer and femtosecond lasers.
State-of-the-art devices, hand instruments and disposables are provided and accepted as the best way for young ophthalmologists to familiarise themselves with the equipment.

Teaching faculty

Prof. Farhad Hafezi MD PhD FARVO, ELZA Institute
PD    Dr François Majo Dr. ès Sciences Privat-docent Université de Lausanne, Centre Ophtalmologique de la Gare


The courses will be in Lucerne at the KKL cultural centre during the yearly congress organised by the Swiss Academy of Ophthalmology.

Course schedule

This training is affiliated with the official programme of the 2024 SAoO Congress.
This event might be videotaped, photographed, and audio-taped. The videos, photographs, and audio recordings may appear either on the SAoO website or the sponsors’ websites, marketing materials in various print or digital formats, and social media platforms.

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